Monday, December 11, 2023
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Why African Leaders Pushed for Water Inclusion in COP 22


The ministerial round table of eminent leaders, including African ministers, at the International Convention on Water and Climate (ICWC) at Rabat, Morocco, about a month ago, discussed into detail the impact of climate change on water on our continent, and how it should be factored into climate discussions in COP 22.

At the end of the conference, the African leaders called on the international community to consider water as a priority in all adaptation discussions, set up an Adaptation Committee, and put adaptation policies at the same level as those of mitigation at the COP 22 conference.

They also called for; “Create a political momentum; launch a call for action for water and adopt a priority action plan particularly in Africa”, and to “put in place mechanisms to monitor the commitments made in the fields of water and climate change.”

Most importantly, they called on the international community to open up more climate funds, in addition to the Adaptation and Green Funds, to help establish water management and support infrastructure projects to aid the climate change adaptation and mitigation process for Africa.

The call of the African leaders on the international community was justified, because, although Africa is a low producer of greenhouse gases, its countries are the most affected by the impact of climate change.

The only way to reduce the impact is for the continent to embark on the adaptation and mitigation process, which involves huge sums of money.

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