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Welcome to the Climate Dialogues 2020!

Due to the current health and safety measures put in place worldwide in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, COP 26 and subsidiary body sessions have been postponed to 2021, as mentioned in the notifications sent to Parties, Observer States and observer organizations dated 1 April and 22 June2020. Capitalizing on the experience from the June Momentum for Climate Change (June Momentum) earlier this year, the SBSTA Chair, Tosi Mpanu Mpanu (Democratic Republic of Congo) and the SBI Chair, Marianne Karlsen (Norway), in collaboration with the COP 25 Presidency and incoming COP 26 Presidency, will launch another series of virtual events, the UN Climate Change Dialogues, November/December 2020 (Climate Dialogues) to advance work on the subsidiary bodies and COP agendas.

The objective of the Climate Dialogues is to provide a platform for Parties and other stakeholders to showcase progress made in 2020 and exchange views and ideas across the subsidiary bodies and COP agendas mandated for 2020. As guided by the Bureau at its meeting on 25 August, The Climate Dialogues will also provide a platform for advancing implementation of activities mandated for 2020, to the extent possible and, where necessary, identifying any potential further action that the SB Chairs could undertake to help Parties to prepare for effectively engaging in the work of the subsidiary bodies at the sessions to take place in 2021. Overall, the Climate Dialogues should help to advance work under the subsidiary bodies and the COP in a virtual setting, thereby paving the way for a successful COP 26.

Format of the Climate Dialogues

The format of events will range from mandated events for 2020, to meetings of and/or events by the constituted bodies, informal consultations by the Presiding Officers with Parties, and a series of technical workshops and/or information events on matters related to the work of the governing and subsidiary bodies.

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