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Upcoming G20 summit to focus on climate change, helping Africa


The G20 summit is just a few months away and leaders are preparing for the event, which will take place in Hangzhou, China.

Representatives from the world’s top 20 economies will participate in the event, where global economic governance and cooperation will be discussed, according to New Vision.  This year many developing countries will participate, the largest number in history.  In total, more than 10,000 people will be there.

One goal of Chinese officials is to get countries to invest in Africa.

“China expects G20 members to help these countries industrialize in a sustainable way and reduce poverty through capacity building, investment and improving infrastructure,” said Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi.

He also said they wanted to “seek solutions with Chinese wisdom”, as reported by CRI English.

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U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference at the G20 in St. Petersburg

Since China is Africa’s largest trading partner, they have agreed to $60 billion in development support.  Many countries are facing issues with infrastructure, capital, technology and security.

Another topic of discussion will be climate change.  Guntram Wolff a former financial expert with the European Commission said  a “follow-up” to last year’s Paris climate summit is needed as well a taxation on greenhouse gases.

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