Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Timmermans floats idea to “put solar panels on the roof”, in line with #Solar4Buildings

Addressing the climate crisis is front and centre of President-Elect Ursula von der Leyen’s incoming EU Commission, and leading this charge is Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President-Designate for the European Green Deal.

During Timmermans’ hearing in the European Parliament, the Dutch politician presented an ambitious vision for a Green Deal, laying out his plan for a “just transition”. As part of the EU’s 2050 target for climate neutrality, Timmermans proposed installing solar on buildings in Europe:

“Together with Member States and regional and local authorities, we should consider large renovation projects for social housing tenants and private homeowners to pay for insulation or double glazing, or the fitting of solar panels.”

Later in the hearing, Timmermans reaffirmed his commitment to solar where he discussed “[putting] solar panels on the roof” of “housing and social housing” in order to reduce emissions and consumers’ energy bills. 

Timmermans’ proposal is firmly in line with the #Solar4Buildings campaign. The campaign urges that all new and renovated buildings in the EU – residential, commercial, and industrial – should have solar installed. This initiative fights climate change with the potential to save up to 7 million tonnes of C02 each year.

Since currently more than 90% of roofs in the EU go unused, there is a major opportunity to fill this space with solar. Sign our petition to have solar installed on all new and renovated buildings in the EU!

Read the original release here.

Photo: European Commission / tiseb / CC BY