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Stepping Up Climate Action Before 2020: Experts to Discuss Implementation of Circular Economies

UN Climate Change News, 26 April 2018 - In an effort to step up immediate climate action, experts from around the world will meet on 1 and 2 May in Bonn to discuss the policy options, technological innovations, and best practices on circular economies to achieve emission reductions and generate sustainable

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How to Boost Pre-2020 Action on Mitigation and Adaptation

The UN Climate Change secretariat has published the Summary for Policymakers (SPM), an annual go-to publication that summarises policies, technologies and initiatives to boost climate action. The SPM results from meetings throughout 2016 of the technical examination processes on mitigation and adaptation. As a result, and for the first time, the

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How to help your company prepare for climate change in 2016

With the Paris agreement on the books, it’s time to look at how climate change – and its mitigation – will impact businesses, and how they can adapt. World leaders celebrate the adoption of a climate agreement during the Paris talks earlier this month. Photograph: Zhou Lei/Xinhua Press/Corbis As 2015 comes to

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