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‘Planet at a crossroads’: climate summit makes progress but leaves much to do

The world’s nations were confident they were making important progress in turning continued political commitment into real world action, as the global climate change summit in Bonn was drawing to a close on Friday. The UN talks were tasked with the vital, if unglamorous, task of converting the unprecedented global agreement sealed in

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Angela Merkel and Donald Trump head for clash at G20 summit

German chancellor plans to make climate change, free trade and mass migration key themes in Hamburg, putting her on collision course with US A clash between Angela Merkel and Donald Trump appears unavoidable after Germany signalled that it will make climate change, free trade and the management of forced mass global

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COP22 Soundbite of the Day on U.S. Election Result

Courtesy of Sierra Club’s Michael Brune. “Donald Trump now has the unflattering distinction of being the only head of state in the entire world to reject the scientific consensus that mankind is driving climate change,” he says. “No matter what happens, Donald Trump can’t change the fact that wind and solar energy

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