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GCAS – Launch of the Step Up Declaration

NEW COLLABORATION OF TWENTY-ONE COMPANIES IS DEDICATED TO ACCELERATING CLIMATE ACTION USING THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY Today, at the Global Climate Action Summit (https://www.globalclimateactionsummit.org/) (GCAS) in San Francisco, California, twenty-one companies will announce the launch of the Step Up Declaration (https://stepupdeclaration.org/) , a new alliance dedicated to harnessing the power of

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Christiana Figueres

#2020DontBeLate: ‘We have three years to act on climate change’

Mission 2020 campaign by former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres urges decisive action to curb emissions by 2020 on six fronts Businesses and governments only have three years to act to steer away from a course that will lock in the most devastating impacts of climate change, according to a campaign launched this week by

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Brexit is not a vote against climate change says UN’s climate chief

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union was not a vote against climate change, nor was it a vote against the innovation key to fighting climate change, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres told an audience of business and policymakers at the annual Business & Climate summit in London today. In her

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Departing U.N. climate chief on Paris, Trump and aiming high

When Christiana Figueres took on the leadership of the United Nations secretariat on climate change, the diplomatic collapse of the Copenhagen Summit was fresh in everyone's minds. Now, just over six years later, she prepares to leave office riding high on a wave of global enthusiasm following the first global agreement

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