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Saving Time, Money and Health – Climate Action from Around the World

Bonn, 5 September, UN Climate Change News – Saving time, money and health by climate action is the central message of success in a new set of videos profiling the 2016 winners of the UN’s “Momentum for Change” initiative, from local women in Africa and Asia to the biggest companies in the world.

These projects reduce greenhouse gases at the same time as strengthening societies against the impacts of extreme weather and building sustainable economies.

Listening to the people talking in the videos from companies, local government and entrepreneurial start-ups, it becomes clear that small-scale climate action is as important as large-scale action, not least because big projects often deliver direct benefits to small projects, while local-level action often prepares the ground for the big projects to take full effect.

These common themes link the projects under Momentum for Change’s three focus areas: “Women for Results”; “Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions”; and “Financing for Climate Friendly Investment”.

She Used to be Known as Someone’s Wife. Now They Know Her by Name

The videos in the Women for Results sector demonstrate how women’s lives are being transformed by taking climate action.

Morocco’s video illustrates how Dar Si Hmad, an NGO led by women, has implemented a new initiative of “fog farming”, where 600 m2 of special nets harvest fresh water from fog.

A valuable and scarce resource, water plays a central role in women’s lives, often requiring 3+ hours per day to travel to distant, depleted wells, which seriously constrains the time they have to do other things.

Jamila Bargach, Director of Dar si Hmad, said: “Women have gained back half a day that they have put into economic activities like argan oil production. This has been good for them, for their households, and for their communities”.

Zayna, a participant in the project said: “The women and girls can see that there are things women can do outside the home. It’s a world I did not know before”.

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