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Resource efficiency is vital for economic growth, competitiveness of industries and employment, according to the G7.

In the Leaders’ Declaration that came from the G7 2015 Summit in Germany, a whole section was devoted to resource efficiency.

Leaders from the G7, which includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States, set out the following in the Declaration:

“The protection and efficient use of natural resources is vital for sustainable development. We strive to improve resource efficiency, which we consider crucial for the competitiveness of industries, for economic growth and employment, and for the protection of the environment, climate and planet.

“Building on the “Kobe 3R Action Plan”, and on other existing initiatives, we will continue to take ambitious action to improve resource efficiency as part of broader strategies to promote sustainable materials management and material-cycle societies.

“We are establishing the G7-Alliance on Resource Efficiency as a forum to share knowledge and create information networks on a voluntary basis. As set out in the annex, the Alliance will collaborate with businesses, SMEs, and other relevant stakeholders to advance opportunities offered by resource efficiency, promote best practices, and foster innovation.