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Register Now for COP23 Cultural Events in Bonn

The United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat, as the host of the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Bonn (COP23, 6-17 November) and the city of Bonn are supporting communication and visibility for the programme organizers of cultural and other events taking place across the city outside the conference venue.

Organizers providing their event information, will – if eligible – get a free entry in the event calendars of the city of Bonn and of the UNFCCC. Events and programmes with a special focus on culture, climate action, climate education, SDG promotion and awareness raising shall be entitled to display an official logo linked to COP 23 in their event calendar entries and communications. For this reason, applications will go through a joint approval process.

Organizers of cultural and other events before, during and after COP 23 are invited to register their events and programmes until July 15. Positive decisions to endorse applications will be communicated to applicants between 31 July and 15 August. Negative decisions will not be communicated and decisions taken will be final. Neither funding nor logistical support is linked to an endorsement.

Please note that this call applies to events happening across the city of Bonn outside the conference zones. Events inside the conference zones (Bonn Zone) will go through a separate process of application and registration between 18-21 July 2017 via the UNFCCC website.

See the relevant city of Bonn notification here

See the event application form here.