Monday, April 22, 2024
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Reducing Emissions While Securing Access to Safe Drinking Water



Today, on World Water Day, more than a billion people still live without electricity or clean running water in their homes. Where infrastructure is still a long way away there is a need for smart solutions that make it easier to live a day-to-day life. The Swedish innovation Solvatten uses the sun’s rays to heat and clean water. The video below showcases this initiative.

When clean and hot water is available, peoples’ hygiene, health and life improves.

Solvatten reduces the need to heat and boil water by burning firewood or charcoal. It is a UNFCCC Momentum for Change award-winning solution proven to address climate change, protect families from cholera and other poverty-related diseases. Solvatten contributes to several of the UN’s sustainability goals, among them the reduction of poverty, better health and clean water. The strong results of providing Solvatten to so many women and families in the world tell their own story. Sustainability can be measured in family achieving a higher economic standard, less diseases, and daily access to safe, hot water.


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