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Peru calls for greater pledge on climate change mitigation

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Lima, Jul. 15. Peru’s Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal Monday called for establishing ‘common but differentiated responsibility’ between industrialized and emerging economies in order to mitigate climate change.

Speaking at the Firth Petersberg Dialogue, Pulgar-Vidal said differences between countries must be solved before the twentieth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 20), scheduled to take place in Lima later this year.

Despite these differences, the high-level government official, who will chair the UN 2014 climate summit, stressed that COP 20 will be very successful as he has received “good signals” that a draft text will be ready later this year.

“I think we will have a very successful conference because we have received good signals and strong political support,” he said. “Lima is the last opportunity to reach a successful deal.”

Pulgar-Vidal explained the main goal is to have a strong focus and a draft agreement as it is the only way to move towards a strong COP in Paris.

Likewise, the Peruvian Minister pointed out the COP 20 is the last step towards the potentially pivotal 2015 summit in Paris, France, where a new international climate agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol that was adopted in 1997 is expected to take shape.

In Paris, countries are expected to sign off a global agreement to limit warming to below 2C above pre-industrial levels, a ceiling deemed safe by some scientists and politicians.

This year’s Petersberg Climate Dialogue, hosted by the German government, brought together more than 35 ministers from developed and developing countries.

The aim of the two-day event was to introduce new ideas into the negotiations and discuss new strategies in preparation for the World Climate Conference in Peru in 2014.

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