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“The following excerpt is a preview of CCTNE’s forthcoming G7 Edition, supporting this year’s Summit in Taormina, Sicily. The Electronic version of the publication (E-Zine) will be shared first, with our LinkedIn followers, later this week. To join and gain exclusive access to the G7 Edition, please copy and paste this link into your browser”—the-new-economy


Taormina, one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities, was chosen for this year’s G7 Summit for its symbolism, merging the concepts of hope and hospitality. Drawing on hope and clear in its mission, the 2017 G7 Presidency’s agenda will focus on – “Building the Foundations of Renewed Trust”.

Rampant populism, resulting from citizens’ increasing scepticism of their governments’ ability to deliver on important issues, poses a formidable challenge. People’s security, our environmental sustainability and economic well-being are coming under increasing threat. However, the G7, in its task to adopt policies aimed at meeting their citizens’ overall expectations must also do more to address climate change.

For “meeting emission and adaptation targets will essentially require a restructuring of the global economy; upgrading inefficient and climate vulnerable infrastructure, scaling up renewable energy generation, improving energy efficiency, modal shifts in transport and new forms of agricultural practice and land-use management.” – Eric Usher – Head of the United Nation Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).

We owe it to present and future generations not to undermine the progress that was achieved from The Paris Agreement. For that, we salute the courage and conviction of climate leaders like California Governor Jerry Brown. Representing the United States in this historic Edition of CCTNE, he rightly states that “When the science is clear or when our own eyes tell us that the seats in this chamber are filled or that the sun is shining, we must say so, not construct some alternate universe of non-facts that we find more pleasing.”

We also commend the outstanding efforts and achievements of our industry partners, going the extra mile in embracing the new economy and being a force for good in today’s rapidly changing industrial landscape.

As Patricia Espinosa states in her Introduction, “the G7 countries, as the club of the richest industrialized nations, can play a key role in raising ever higher ambition and action that in turn can benefit their national economies and the rest of the globe”.

For we, the citizens of the concerned world rightly “hope” that we can “trust” the G7 can get down to the challenging task of implementing their pledges and getting on track to a low-carbon, resilient world.


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