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On the Road to Paris – Expectations & Policy Insights for Industry Ahead of COP21

Will countries agree a global deal at the COP 21 summit in Paris? The answer is yes, however the current ambitions and plans of countries are not consistent with the international goal of avoiding global warming of more than 2°C.

What we need to see in fact is an intensification of efforts to increase investment and innovation, particularly in relation to the development of cities, energy systems and land use. This could help to close the gap between countries intentions and the emissions reduction goal before and after 2030.

And what about industry? What policy insights and topics can they learn from and play a decisive role in, at this year’s landmark talks?

Over the course of my 9 months research in engaging with COP21 stakeholders, I have uncovered a number of insightful lobbying activities that will stimulate collaboration between government and industry. The list below contains some examples of partnership opportunities, mainly borne out of raising certain industries’ profiles, driving investment and enhancing certain technologies in order to help support the UNFCCC’s objective of reducing overall emissions.

1) Solar: “PV sector urged to turn up volume ahead of key Paris climate talks”. In this article you will read how a leading figure in European PV technology research has urged the global solar industry to pull together to make itself heard at the COP 21 climate change talks in Paris later this year.

2) Agriculture: “France plans to lobby for agricultural tech at COP 21”. In this article you will gain insights on how France plans to lobby for a deal on farming — a move that could boost funding for agricultural research in developing countries.

3) Transportation: “Ban Ki-Moon challenges the transport sector to take action on climate change”. In this article you can read how the transport sector must do more to combat climate change, including being part of the action at December’s summit on global warming in Paris.

4) Energy: “The Energy sector has critical role in combating climate change”. In this article & report from the IEA, learn how renewables could become the leading source of electricity by 2030 if countries follow the energy commitments they have made in advance of COP21.

5) Building & Construction: “Experts In Building Sector Set To Form Alliance On Road To COP21”. In this article read how representatives from the building and construction sector have laid the ground for a coalition of experts to call for regulations supporting net zero targets.

6) Biofuels: “COP21 offers opportunity to relaunch biofuels debate”. In this article, read why it’s time to relaunch the debate about the decarbonization benefits offered by biofuels, how the use of biofuel reduces damaging GHG emissions and lessens the dependency on oil use in transport. This, in line with how it therefore enables sustainable development and helps mitigate climate change and by fulfilling this core purpose, it provides an important link in the transition from a fossil-fuel-dominated economy towards a new, innovative biobased economy.

7) Water: – “Include water crisis in Paris climate talks, leaders urge”. In this article, read on how the increasing scarcity of water resources around the world is a major issue that should be part of the upcoming global climate talks.

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