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Microsoft reports progress towards 2030 carbon neutral goal

In January, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, President Brad Smith, and Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood launched a new environmental sustainability initiative focusing on carbon, water, waste and biodiversity. The company began this work by announcing an ambitious carbon commitments: Microsoft promised to be carbon negative by 2030 and remove from the environment more carbon than it has emitted since its founding by 2050. The company outlined a detailed plan to get there and committed to providing updates on its progress. It has now announced seven important new steps on the path to being carbon negative by 2030.

Enabling cross-sector business transformation

Together with eight other corporations leading the way to a climate-stable future, it has launched a new coalition, Transform to Net Zero. Guided by science and transparency, the coalition will work to accelerate business action toward a net zero carbon economy. Once an organization sets sustainability goals, the hard work of transforming its business to meet them begins. Microsoft has considered the views of both those with carbon goals and those that want to engage but don’t know where to start that they need information and tools to close the gap between intention and transformation. The coalition will begin by bringing together industry leaders with some of the world’s most ambitious carbon goals and will work to create playbooks on how to achieve net zero. The founding members are A.P. Moeller – Maersk, Danone, Mercedes-Benz AG, Microsoft, Natura & Co., Nike, Starbucks, Unilever and Wipro. The Environmental Defense Fund is the founding NGO member and BSR will serve as secretariat.

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