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Merkel Seeks Global Emissions-Trading Market to Protect Climate

17 May 2015

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is seeking a global emissions-trading system to help curb climate change. Nations should identify their climate-protection targets quickly and live up to financial-aid promises made to poor nations, she said. Extending Europe’s emissions-trading system, the world’s largest, to other regions would level the playing field, Merkel said Saturday in her weekly video message.

“It would also enable us to extend certificate trading to more areas,” Merkel said. Germany, which is seeking to replace its atomic reactors and coal plants with clean-energy sources including solar and wind, is at the forefront of efforts by some 190 nations to agree to a global treaty to rein in heat-trapping gases from burning fossil fuels.

It’s building up to be a critical year for the environment. A new set of sustainable development goals are expected by the end of summer, and in December, world leaders will convene at the COP21 meeting in Paris to reach a globally binding agreement to tackle climate change.

But as pressure mounts on governments to deliver, so does the expectation for companies to do their part. Good news, then, that business momentum is building like never before.

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