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Kerry: we can’t afford to postpone COP26

John Kerry, the US climate envoy has called for COP26 to continue as planned, despite demands from 1,500 NGOs for the conference to be postponed. The environmental groups, that include Greenpeace, said that it would be too difficult for the developing countries to be appropriately represented, because of Covid-related travel restrictions.

The call for a delay sparked heated debate about whether the meeting would be able to agree far-reaching policy decisions without mass participation.

Speaking to the Financial Times, while in New Delhi, Kerry said: “COP26 needs to be an in-person event and it needs to take place now. We don’t have the luxury of a lot of time . . . The urgency of the issue now requires that we connect and get going.”

As many as 20,000 delegates from 200 countries are expected in Glasgow next month. Kerry called on them all to be responsible, get the vaccine and come to Glasgow.

Image: “John Kerry” by Center for American Progress Action Fund is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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