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June Momentum for Climate Change – details unveiled

In line with its COVID-19 response, the UNFCCC secretariat is currently not convening any physical meetings. But the work in 2020 remains critical for making progress on climate change and, as the Executive Secretary has outlined, is not in any form on hold. While the subsidiary body sessions (SB 52) have been postponed to 4–12 October 2020, arrangements for continuing work through virtual meetings have been put in place.

From 1 to 10 June 2020, a series of online events will be conducted under the guidance of the chairs of the SBSTA and the SBI and with the support of the UNFCCC secretariat. The space the June Momentum is creating has also been made available for events convened by the COP presidency.

This series of online events offers an opportunity for Parties and other stakeholders to continue exchanging views and sharing information in order to maintain momentum in the UNFCCC process and to showcase how climate action is progressing under the special circumstances the world is currently facing.

This will include advancing technical work under the constituted bodies, as well as providing a platform for information exchange and engagement on other work being done under the UNFCCC, including on adaptation, mitigation, science, finance, technology, capacity-building, transparency, gender, Action on Climate Empowerment, and the preparation and submission of nationally determined contributions. Formal negotiations and decision-making are not envisaged for these events; they will take place at the SB sessions in October of this year.

The overview below lists events that will be organized during the June Momentum with their format and tentative dates. Further details on each event will be provided in due time.

As requested by the Bureau of the Conference of the Parties at its meeting on 1 April this year, the presiding officers, with the assistance of the secretariat, will soon make available a calendar of UNFCCC events mandated for SB 52 and for 2020. Most of the events that had been planned for the sessions or the intersessional period will take place virtually.

June Momentum for Climate Change Events

1 – 10 June 2020

The webcast links for the open events will be available on the respective event pages shortly.

1 June 2020June Momentum for Climate Change opening Open
1 June 2020Finance and investments for a sustainable recoveryOpen
2 June 2020Briefing by the SB Chairs with observersOpen
2 June 2020Enhancing support to the LDCs: Insights from a recent stocktaking meeting of the  work of the LEGOpen
2 June 2020First meeting of the PA Implementation and Compliance CommitteeClosed
3 June 2020Consultations by the SB Chairs on the preparation of the second period reviewClosed
3 June 2020Consultative Group of Experts ad-hoc virtual meetingClosed
4 June 2020Training webinar on getting familiar with the CRF ReporterClosed
4 June 2020Effective Delivery of Needs-based Climate FinanceOpen
5 June 2020Race to Zero Launch (NPS reactivation of the Climate Ambition Alliance)Open
5 June 2020Technical Examination Process on Adaptation (TEP-A)Open
5 June 20209th Meeting of the Durban Forum on Capacity-BuildingOpen
8 June 20208th ACE Dialogue: Global Launch EventOpen
8 June 2020Gender and Climate Change: Global Launch EventOpen
8 June 2020Information event on the Koronivia Joint Work on AgricultureOpen
8 June 2020UNFCCC Technology Mechanism ramps up its work to help countries scale up climate action on technologyOpen
8 June 2020SBSTA Chair information event with the scientific communityOpen
9 June 2020 7th Meeting of Lead Reviewers for the Review of Biennial Reports and National Communications(Part I)Closed
9 June 2020Where do we stand with NDCs: Enhancing action on climate change in 2020Open
9 June 2020Information event on L&DOpen
9 June 2020Special Event on Cooperation with UN and other IGOsOpen
9 June 2020Advancing NAPs and climate-resilient recovery under COVID-19Open
9 June 2020FWG stakeholder dialogueOpen
10 June 20207th Meeting of Lead Reviewers for the Review of Biennial Reports and National Communications(Part II)Closed
10 June 2020June Momentum for Climate Change Closing EventOpen

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