Saturday, March 2, 2024
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GCAS – Launch of the Step Up Declaration


Today, at the Global Climate Action Summit ( (GCAS) in San Francisco, California, twenty-one companies will announce the launch of the Step Up Declaration ( , a new alliance dedicated to harnessing the power of emerging technologies and the fourth industrial revolution to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across all economic sectors and ensure a climate turning point by 2020.

Declaration signatories include several established climate leaders: Akamai Technologies, Arm, Autodesk, Bloomberg, BT, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lyft, Nokia, Salesforce, Supermicro, Symantec, Tech Mahindra, Uber, Vigilent, VMware, WeWork, Workday, and Zoox. Collectively these organizations cover a broad range of industries capable of delivering significant GHG emissions cuts across buildings, data-centers, finance, telecoms, transport and more.

Recognizing the opportunity to take action and help mitigate the worst potential impacts of global warming, the signatories behind the Step Up Declaration are joining forces in response to a challenge issued in May, 2018 ( by Christiana Figueres, Convenor of Mission 2020 (http://global) . Figueres’ challenge urged the technology sector to dramatically “step up” climate action, to demonstrate their own progress ahead of 2020, and show how they can intentionally help the rest of the global economy decarbonize.

The Step Up Declaration was developed with leadership from Salesforce ( , the global leader in CRM. It refers to the transformative power of the fourth industrial revolution, which encompasses artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, the declaration acknowledges the role its signatories can play in demonstrating and enabling progress both in their immediate spheres of influence and “collaboratively with others— across all sectors of society, including individuals, corporations, civil society, and governments.”

Existing technologies currently influence the decisions of three billion people daily through eCommerce, search and social media, and are at the heart of business and investor decisions. These technologies and the companies behind them have the potential to both profoundly impact the transition to a fossil fuel free economy, and also influence whether we live on a 1.5-2°C planet (climate stable), or in a +3°C (climate catastrophe) world.

The Step Up Declaration also includes a series of individual commitments detailing specific supporting actions.

Christiana Figueres said: “The influence of the fourth industrial revolution impacts us all. When that incredible force is primed to catalyze exponential shifts in GHG emissions reductions across all sectors of the economy, we can be stubbornly optimistic about delivering a liveable planet to our children within the timeframe we have left to do so.”

The Step Up Declaration and supporting commitments will be integrated with the Global Climate Action Summit’s official outcomes and a larger call to action to national leaders to accelerate their country’s respective progress under the Paris Agreement by 2020.