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First Chinese Company Collaborates with UN’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative

A Chinese technology company has begun helping consumers take concrete climate action whilst making use of the UN’s Climate Neutral Now initiative.

Sichuan Lvdoya Information Technology Co. Ltd, a software developer that runs a smartphone app which specializes in promoting carbon neutrality and carbon offsetting to individuals, is the first Chinese company to partner with Climate Neutral Now.

The Climate Neutral Now initiative of UN Climate Change invites companies, organizations, governments and citizens to work towards climate neutrality by reducing their climate footprint by measuring their greenhouse gas emissions, reducing them as much as possible and then compensating those which cannot be avoided. Niclas Svenningsen, Manager of Global Climate Action at UN Climate Change, said:

“The Climate Neutral Now initiative was set up to promote additional voluntary climate action by all stakeholders, including individuals. Individuals play a very important role in driving society toward the climate neutral world we need by 2050 or earlier. We welcome this collaboration with Lvdoya, which allows us to jointly invite citizens in China to take action” 

Specifically, the Chinese company Lvdoya has created an app that contains an online trading platform for products and services that help users achieve climate neutrality through education and compensation of unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

Lvdoya phones
A view of the Lvdoya App

Users can for example purchase products and services ranging from food and textiles to accommodation which have been produced or are offered in a climate neutral way.

The platform offers UN-certified carbon credits (CERs) as a tool to allow its users to support emission reduction projects in developing countries, ranging from clean cook stove projects in Africa to wind energy in India.

Furthermore, Lvdoya undertakes efforts to raise awareness about climate change and sustainable lifestyles through social media outreach, using the Chinese social media platforms Weibo and partly Instagram.

The company also organizes voluntary carbon neutral activities, including tree planting and cycling activities and has helped major events to become climate neutral – for example the 2017 International Low Carbon Expo in Zhenjiang.

The collaboration with ‘Climate Neutral Now’ ensures the transparency and credibility of our oversea sources of carbon credits, and supplements our project range. Our collaboration enhances the capability of expanding and replicating this business model, which coincides with Lvdoya’s mission ‘Climate Neutral Together’”, says Ms. Xirui Lian, representative of Lvdoya.

Any contribution to emission reduction projects is recognized through a climate action certificate issued by Lvdoya in cooperation with UNFCCC.

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