Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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European countries unite for North Sea clean power hub


This week, we’re inspired by plans to build an artificial island in the North Sea that would power around 80 million homes across six countries with renewable energy.

A consortium of European energy companies, including TenneT and Energinet, have announced plans to create a 6 km2 island in the middle of the North Sea that will connect large new wind farms. Power cables to and from the island would double as “interconnectors”, enabling Denmark, Norway, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany to trade electricity.

Affordable renewables

TenneT and Energinet.dk want the development of the North Sea Wind Power Hub to make the energy transition to renewables both feasible and affordable.

According to The Independent Torben Glar Nielsen, Energinet’s Danish technical director, said: “Maybe it sounds a bit crazy and science fiction-like, but an island on Dogger Bank could make the wind power of the future a lot cheaper and more effective.”

North Sea countries agreed closer energy cooperation last year and it is expected that at a meeting next weekthey will sign a deal to set plans in motion. The plans are expected to get the backing of the EU.

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