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COUNTDOWN: 100 days until COP22 in Marrakech

1st August


There are 100 days left until the 22nd Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) gets under way in Marrakech. 100 days to continue the historic moment of the Paris Agreement and the acceleration of its entry into force.  100 days before the world meets in Morocco to speed up action on climate change and sets the tempo for COP22 and future COPs to come.

Since its creation, the COP22 steering committee has been mobilized and dedicated to effectively and proudly carry forward the climate change torch as host-country of the upcoming Conference of Parties.  Its members share in their optimism for the final stretch before the opening of the conference on November 7 in Marrakech:

Abdelâdim Lahfi, Commissioner:

« At 100 days before COP22, there’s an assessment that has been made and there are goals that have been set. The first phase has seen the establishment of procedures, tools and support structures to best manage this complex project in the best conditions possible. Key steps that have been reached so far include the signing of the host-country agreement in Bonn, the beginning of construction of the COP22 village site Bab Ighli and the assignment of space to participating countries in the Blue Zone as well as for civil society and businesses in the Green Zone.  In my view, three objectives are fundamental: providing the conditions for the efficient organization of COP22, implementing the decisions agreed upon in Paris, in particular those pertaining to Southern countries and finally to ensure the link between climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Aziz Mekouar, Multilateral Negotiations Ambassador:

« Throughout my consultations and the many important events I participated to like the Bonn inter session or the 7th Petersberg Cimate Dialogue in Berlin, I witnessed first hand how the Spirit of Paris is well and alive. The strong political momentum around the Paris Agreement and the willingness of States and non- state actors to accelerate climate action gives me great confidence in the success of COP22. Morocco will take advantage of the remaining 100 days to make sure that Marrakech will have a lasting impact on the way we approach action and implementation. »

Nizar Baraka, President of the Scientific Committee:

« 100 days before COP22 in Marrakech we can say that the process of labeling projects and events is going well.  More than 300 initiatives and events have been labeled COP22 to date and we are in the process of labeling even more. We are also prepared to make our contribution to addressing the problem of climate change adaptation at two levels: adaptation metrics to facilitate the financing of climate adaption projects and the mobilization of adaptation funds for Africa and at more broad level, Southern countries.  In addition, we are supporting the climate action agenda by enriching and valuing the initiatives lead by Morocco with the development of an ecosystem around these different initiatives.  Finally, the scientific committee is mobilized to finalize negotiations in support of the Presidency and the Chief Negotiator. »

Abdeslam Bekrate, Head of Logistics and Security:

« A 100 days from COP22, the development works have been completed for the Blue Zone and those of the Green Zone will be completed on August 5.  On average, 50% of the structures are assembled and 100% for certain components of the conference center.  All in all, the deadlines are respected and the work is being done in compliance with the schedule initially established. As for the norms concerning the quality and security of the installations, the logistics and security pole, along with the design and control office, are ensuring that services being provided are in compliance with the project specs. »

Driss El Yazami, Head of Civil Society Activities:

Since its creation, the Civil Society pole has supported a hundred civil society actors, in particular the Moroccan Coalition for Climate Justice (CMJC) and the team in charge of the Conference of Youth (COY), in addition to the Zero Mika (Plastic) campaign. The pole has also participated in several international meetings in France, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and the United States in order to connect with a certain number of international NGOs and think tanks.  We are going to begin a new phase, in particular in Sub-Saharan Africa. The pole also contributed to assisting a certain number of Moroccan NGOs in getting accredited with the UNFCCC.  Previously, only 2 institutions had been accredited.  Today, we have more than 12 accredited institutions.  For the 100 days left ahead of COP22 another challenge awaits us: bringing together the country’s 12 regions, its regional councils, civil society, academia and the private sector to produce 12 regional environment and climate action plans.”

Saïd Mouline, Head of Public-Private Partnerships:

“The private sector has a key role to play in making this COP one of action.  Many actors (industry, energy, agriculture, finance, circular economy) have already begun initiatives.  The current and upcoming mobilization of the private sector, both at a national and international level, gives us confidence in reaching our goals in terms of partnerships, participation and presentation of public-private projects. “

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