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COP22 launches communications campaign to raise awareness on climate change

3rd August


On August 1st, 2016 the COP22 Steering Committee launched a vast communications campaign organized in two phases in order to raise awareness among citizens on climate change issues and to mobilize them ahead of COP22 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) planned in Marrakech, November 7-18, 2016.

The first phase of the campaign will run August 1 – 31, 2016.  It includes a short documentary film entitled “all you have to do is open your eyes”with the goal of raising awareness among the general public on the importance of preserving Morocco’s natural and ecological heritage as well as a poster campaign “together we have the power to act“ designed to mobilize the public around climate action.  The second phase of the communications campaign will begin in September 2016 and will include a second short documentary film.

Through this first short documentary film the COP22 Steering Committee seeks to honor Morocco’s natural resources and its diversity as well as its traditions and ancestral wisdom in respecting the environment and the ingenuity of its natural resource management systems.

The film crew traveled cross the Kingdom of Morocco from the gates of Marrakech to the dunes of the Moroccan Sahara, from the Atlantic coastline of Sidi Ifni to the Tamuda Bay on the Mediterranean, from Chefchaouen in the Rif to Midelt in the Atlas Mountains.  The images were exclusively filmed in Morocco and tell a spectacular and moving story calling on citizens to open their eyes to realize the priceless natural heritage of Morocco and to work together to preserve it and protect it for generations to come.

The short documentary film was adapted into classical and dialectal Arabic and various dialects of Berber, as well as into French, English and Spanish.  The film willl be available in the following formats to reach a wide audience: Television, Movie Theaters and Internet.

« All you have to do is open your eyes » is a powerful message intended for Moroccans and the entire world in order to stimulate awareness on the importance of protecting nature and our environment so as to ensure its sustainability. The values communicated in the film transcend cultures, borders and languages so that each and every one of us can adapt them into our daily lives.

The 22nd Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the largest event ever hosted in Morocco. It is an opportunity for all to get involved in the fight against climate change.

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