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COP 20 Lima Peru

We all agree that we need to move beyond the success of COP19 and establish a stronger global commitment to achieve the appropriate international climate deal. CLIMATE CHANGE The New Economy will be working with all the main stakeholders from now until December 2014, setting the tone for a successful outcome during the COP20 process by bringing together all the key players to have their say on the key issues, challenges and structures that are needed for success today and beyond Lima.

The introduction will be written by Ollanta Moisés Humala Tasso – President of Perú, with the welcome by the Manuel Pulgar-Vidal – Minister of Environment for Perú and President of COP20 and CMP10. The foreword will be provided by Christiana Figueres, The Executive Secretary of The UNFCCC, ensuring that this will be a truly historical publication and event.

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