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Energy Sustainability – RNG Coalition

   HOW SOUND POLICY DRIVES SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: NORTH AMERICAN CASE STUDY OF MAKING RENEWABLE NATURAL GAS FROM “WASTE”    Marcus Gillette, Director of Public Affairs, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition)  If there is one thing we humans are universally good at, it is generating waste. With due respect given to the progress we have made toward a more

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Global Voices – IEC

  Tools for concrete outcomes    Frans Vreeswijk, General Secretary & CEO, IEC (www.iec.ch) This year’s G7 will address a number of important topics pertaining to greater equality and inclusiveness, security and sustainability. All of these will require concrete actions well beyond governance and regulation.   From understanding issues and identifying opportunities, it is a long and arduous way to delivering the solutions that will make a real difference on

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Green Chemistry – Braskem

  RENEWABLE AND ADVANCED MATERIALS AS A POWERFUL TOOL TO MITIGATE CLIMATE CHANGE   Mateus Schreiner Garcez Lopes, Global R&D Manager of Innovation of Renewable Technologies, Braskem We have always lived in a world full of uncertainties and concerns, however, current global interconnectivity also implies higher systemic risks linked to our failure to mitigate

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