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Chemical Industry Needs to Step up Action to Meet Paris Goals

The chemicals sector is responsible for an eighth of global industrial carbon emissions with 95% of manufactured products relying on chemicals. The industry is part of the solution for climate change – with companies producing innovative products like batteries for electric cars and profiting from US$83 billion in the low carbon transition.

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G7 2018 SERIES – How Can Robotics Help Combat Climate Change?

“Because quite soon – before we’ve reached the end of this century, even – I think that what people call robots will have taken over.” Robots will rule the world? “Well, yes. They’ll be in charge.” In charge of us? “Yes, if we’re still here. Whether they’ll have taken over

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G7 2018 Series – How can Wave and Tidal Energy help combat Climate Change?

Wave and tidal energy harvesting has been around for a few decades. However, it has only been in recent years that it has started to become more realistic due to advance in research and technology. Wave and tidal-energy systems harness natural oceanic flows to generate electricity. A variety of companies, utilities,

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UN’s Clean Development Mechanism Is Important for Paris Goals

The UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) should continue to spur emission reductions and sustainable development, on the ground, to help countries under the Paris Climate Change Agreement, companies, organizations and individuals meet their climate goals. This was the message from some 80 CDM Designated National Authorities (DNAs) who met in Bonn,

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