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100% Renewable Energy Worldwide Isn’t Just Possible—It’s Also More Cost-Effective

Transitioning the world to 100 percent renewable electricity isn't just some environmentalist pipe dream—it's "feasible at every hour throughout the year" and is more cost-effective than the current system, which largely relies on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, a new study claims. The research, compiled by Finland's Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and the Berlin-based nonprofit Energy Watch Group (EWG), was

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These ‘missing charts’ may change the way you think about fossil fuel addiction

To address the twin threats of climate change and ocean acidification, nearly every nation has promised to reduce fossil fuel burning. But so far, humanity keeps burning ever more. Last year we did it again, burning an all-time record amount. That's according to data compiled from the latest "BP Statistical Review of World

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EU requires pension funds to assess climate change risks

EU pension funds will have to include environmental risks in their investment strategies, under a law passed on Thursday, that ecologists hope will encourage money to flow out of fossil fuels and into greener sectors. A large majority in the European Parliament backed the law that requires managers of retirement funds

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Marrakech Saw Unparalleled Political Will to Act on Climate

Shortly after the conclusion of the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, the UN’s top climate change official Patricia Espinosa visited Norway, where she met with government and local leaders and gave a speech at the 2016 Zero Emission Conference in Oslo. Hosted by the Norwegian NGO ZERO, the conference

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