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‘Extreme event’ as Bering Sea’s ice levels reach lowest point in recorded history

Unprecedented warm weather in the Arctic has led to record-breaking low levels of winter sea ice in the Bering Sea, scientists have revealed. In February, Arctic temperatures soared more than 30C higher than average for the time of year, triggering melting in the Bering Sea that saw half its ice disappear in the space

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Arctic has warmest winter on record: ´Never seen anything like this´

The Arctic winter has ended with more news that is worrying even the scientists who watch the effects of climate change closely. The region experienced its warmest winter on record. Sea ice hit record lows for the time of year, new US weather data revealed on Tuesday. “It’s just crazy, crazy stuff,” said Mark

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Seven climate change myths that big oil continues to perpetuate

In the last month alone, major players within the fossil fuel industry – “big oil” – have made some big announcements regarding climate change. BP revealed plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by acquiring additional renewable energy companies. Royal Dutch Shell defended its US$1-US$2 billion green energy annual budget. Even ExxonMobil, until

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Earth’s Ice Is Melting Much Faster Than Forecast. Here’s Why That’s Worrying.

By Jason E. Box - Professor in Glaciology, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland    COPENHAGEN — For me it was only after eight years of studying Greenland — installing and maintaining a network of on-ice climate stations and examining how much snow evaporates from the island — that I suddenly realized glaciology

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Cashing Out From the Climate Casino

It’s hard to be optimistic about climate action, not in a week when federal scientists reported that “the Arctic shows no sign of returning” to the “reliably frozen region of recent past decades.” Not in a month when California’s wildfires show every sign of burning straight through Christmas. And not in a

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Scientists Warn of Rapid, Unexpected Climatic Shifts in the Arctic

Implementing Paris Agreement Can Limit Damage Press release by the Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP):A new scientific assessment of climate change in the Arctic, by the Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), concludes that the Arctic is shifting—rapidly and in unexpected ways—into a new state. If

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