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China GBC starts delivering on net zero

After a successful first year of being part of the WorldGBC global network, China Green Building Council has been actively engaged in a range of initiatives to support our collective mission for green buildings for everyone, everywhere.

The following initiatives have happened in their first year of membership: 

  • China GBC held their first healthy building conference with support from WorldGBC
  • Part of the Better Places for People project, China GBC promoted the air quality campaign and contributed a blog
  • Prioritising and engaging in the Advancing Net Zero project in Asia, China GBC is accelerating and scaling net zero carbon buildings

China is the largest building construction market in the world, with up to 2 billion square metres constructed annually, accounting for nearly half of new construction globally in the coming decade.  

China GBC starts delivering on net zeroChina is also currently the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for around 30 per cent of global emissions. Therefore, these activities are key in a country that continues to urbanise at a fast pace and has an important global and regional role to deliver on a vision of net zero carbon buildings, sustainable communities and low carbon cities.

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