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About us

World News, CLIMATE CHANGE – The New Economy


We promote independent and informed discussion on issues related to climate change, especially the implementation of innovation technology, through high quality publications aimed at political business leaders and opinion formers. Our flagship publication is CLIMATE CHANGE – The New Economy (CCTNE). With its unique distribution, the objective is to reach the widest possible audience in order to present a clear and accessible argument from established leaders in their fields to help prevent catastrophic climate change.


Gary Nichols-Roth, Editor-in-Chief

Previously to World News – CLIMATE CHANGE – The New Economy, Gary was the Managing about usEditor at Sovereign Publications, an acquired publishing house by Ten Alps PLC. He joined Sovereign in July 2007 from a specialist media agency as the commercial Director of Government Projects to work on government titles starting with Climate Change ‘addressing the challenge’, which he created. An industry led annual publication which was heralded a great success working with the G8 world leaders, Climate Change “addressing the challenge” was distributed in July 2008 in Japan, under Yasuo Fukuda’s presidency, and the 2009 edition was distributed in Italy under the Presidency of Silvio Berlusconi. Following the success of these titles Gary produced a dedicated book for the UNFCCC conference of parties event in Copenhagen, Denmark (COP 15 2009) and subsequently COP 16 in Mexico 2010, G8 in France 2011, COP 17 in South Africa 2011, G8 in the USA 2012, Rio+20 2012 in Brazil, COP 18 in Doha 2012, G8 in Northern Ireland 2013, COP 19 in Poland 2013, G7 in Brussels 2014.

Gary is a Psychology graduate from the University of Leicester. He has had over 21 years of experience across combined publishing, conferencing and the media industries. He has worked on, produced and created several Government publications and topical leading working titles includingBritain in Europe 1 and 2 – Celebrating Tony Blair’s presidency of the EU in 1997, the covetedIreland 2000European BusinessmanEuropean CEO, Climate Change ‘addressing the challenge’ and the now the more forward thinking CLIMATE CHANGE – The New Economy. Gary began his career as a white collar senior civil servant working in County Hall, The former ILEA (Inner London Education Authority). He is also on the judging panel for the International Green Awards www.greenawards.com.

“The INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS are a genuine effort to promote positive attitudes towards biodiversity and sustainability.”Sir David Attenborough CBE, Green Lifetime Achievement Awardee 2010


Elizabeth Renski, Executive Editor

Elizabeth has been with CLIMATE CHANGE – The New Economy since its inception. Shabout us e joined CCTNE from the CEO TODAY publication, where she was the Editor from 2003 to 2008. During her tenure, she helped to establish it as the leading B2B publication for chief executives and senior board members. Prior to that, from 1999 to 2002 Elizabeth was Head of Commissioning at a global Publishing house, where, with her team, she was responsible for providing content for a range of business-to-business magazines. Having worked with Multinationals, SMEs, NGOs and Governments, throughout her career, Elizabeth has been fortunate to meet and interview many inspirational and forward thinking leaders, who have embraced the principles of sustainability and green growth with passion and conviction. At CCTNE Elizabeth works directly with the contributing authors, advises on content and oversees the editorial production process across multiple teams.
Elizabeth has a Bachelor’s degree in English and an MA in Russian Language and Literature from the University of Gdansk. She obtained her journalism training from the NUJ in London and is also an experienced translator and interpreter. She previously lived in Australia, the USA and Poland – where she was involved in a number of climate and biodiversity projects.


James D. Butler, Business Development Director

James is a history and French graduate from Royal Holloway, University of London. He has had over 20 years of experience in international business development, having worked with some of the world’s leading companies in affinity partnerships, prestigious awards programmes and global conferences & events. James has been with CCTNE since 2010 (COP16) heading up the business development function and day to day operations. Working directly with the contributing industry authors, he also advises on content and is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the business. His remit also includes website development, digital marketing and being the company’s media representative and spokesperson at both the G7 and UN COP Summits. James also contributes thought leadership to CCTNE as well as blog content on social media. In his spare time he likes to travel and improve his linguistic skills in French, Spanish & German in his current home town of Barcelona. He also enjoys keeping fit and hiking in the Catalonian countryside.


Katrine Carstens, Head of Social Media

Katrine is a Communications Consultant and Project Manager with over 15 years of experience in organisations ranging from large multinationals through SME’s to non-profits. She has an MSc in Global Development Management and is a qualified Journalist.  She specialises in digital media strategy, social media management and content creation. Born and bred in Denmark, her passions for sustainability, climate and social change go back to childhood. She aspires to be part of the systemic transformation to a safer planet that will involve stakeholders from all sectors and all walks of life.  Being curious and helping others ignite their curiosity is her favourite hobby. She’s Danish/English bi-lingual.


Georgina Brisk, Associate Editor

Georgina is an English Literature graduate from the University of Kent in the UK. Sabout us
he has also studied a post-graduate diploma in Journalism and was awarded with distinction by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ). Throughout her career Georgina has gained experience in newspaper journalism, writing for print, web and social media, editing, public relations and marketing. She has worked for several leading newspapers providing full coverage of regional social and political landscapes; she has also provided content for the NHS as well as many leading NGO’s within the legal and travel industries. In her spare time Georgina works as a publicity officer for Save the Children.


Dana Brejakova, Head of Research

about us Dana Brejakova, originally from Czech Republic, is a critical thinker and open mind currently studying at the University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. As well as working as Head of Research Manager for CCTNE she focuses her energy and drive towards gaining a Bachelor of Science of Environmental Science degree. In less than one year Dana will finish her “back to school” journey and will be fully equipped for her new career in the environmental field. Dana’s previous career was business oriented, but after several years of gaining experience in retail banking and real estate Dana decided to completely switch her career towards environmental science and become engaged in globally important ecological issues. In her free time, Dana is also a photographer who raises awareness on climate change and biodiversity loss through her photography exhibitions, which, apart from artistic experience, have educational purpose. In 2016 she introduced her Amazing Nature photography to Casa de Cultura to a wide audience and especially children in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.


Norman Brisk, Chief Accountant

Qualified accountant with over 40 years experience in industry, commerce and private practice. Norman now concentrates on business development and training.


William Schaper, Project Manager, Website Development

William Schaper is an experienced researcher from Los Angeles California. His passion for environmental policy research and climate issues started at U.C.L.A where he earned a B.A. in International Relations and Spanish. This interest was matured by his experiences living in up-coming economies such as Chile. While living there, he spent a year studying International Law and Latin American Literature at La Universidad de Chile and developing his appreciation for unspoiled natural environments through his travels throughout the South American continent. His current home is Auburn, Alabama where he continues researching issues dealing with climate change policy and directly engaging key stakeholders and institutions in the public and private sectors in both English and Spanish. His particular areas of interest are the development and deployment of alternative energy technologies such as wind and photovoltaic systems as well as innovations in smart cities and sustainable transport. William has also spent the past few years of his life as an English and Science teacher in both primary and secondary schools, where he has strived to instill a responsible environmental outlook in his students. In his spare time he enjoys developing his musical skills in both the classical and folk guitar, as well as improving his fluency in Spanish and learning other languages, such as French.