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COP22 Marrakech, Morocco 7-18 November 2016

G7 Front Cover

G7 Japan 2016

COP 20 Lima Peru

COP 20 Lima Peru


COP 21 Paris France

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G7 Summit June 2014

COP 19 Summit December 2013

G8 Summit May 2012

G8 Summit May 2012

COP 16 November 2010

COP 16 November 2010

G8 Summit June 2013

G8 Summit June 2013

COP 17 Summit November 2011

COP 17 Summit November 2011

G8 Summit April 2010

G8 Summit April 2010

COP 18 Summit November 2012

COP 18 Summit November 2012

G8 Summit May 2011

G8 Summit May 2011

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Gary Nichols-Roth

Editor In Chief

Elizabeth Renski

Executive Editor

James Butler

Business Development Director

Manuel Bosco

Project Director

Georgina Brisk

Associate Editor

Norman Brisk

Chief Accountant

Katrine Carstens

Head of Social Media

Dana Brejakova

Research Manager


We promote independent and informed discussion on issues related to climate change, especially the implementation of innovation technology, through high quality publications aimed at political business leaders and opinion formers. Our flagship publication is CLIMATE CHANGE The New Economy (CCTNE). With its unique distribution, the objective is to reach the widest possible audience in order to present a clear and accessible argument from established leaders in their fields to help prevent catastrophic climate change.

  •   World News - Climate Change The New Economy Ltd London (UK) Office
    75 Albany Mansions Albert Bridge Road London United Kingdom SW11 4PQ

“Working together to create meaningful engagement between key, global stakeholders”

Guest Authors

Who should be a Guest Author?

Companies making a difference in our fight to solve climate change. Contributors are only invited from Chairmen, CEOs, Managing Directors, Presidents and their Advisors from organisations that have set precedent by spearheading global thought leadership in tackling head on the effects of climate change, including:

  • Government bodies
  • Corporates (from start-ups & SME's to large companies)
  • Clean Energy & Renewable Energy developers
  • Technology developers
  • Business and trade associations
  • Civil engineering and construction companies
  • Architecture Companies & Design Firms
  • Power and utilities companies working internationally
  • International telecommunications companies
  • International management / strategic consultancies
  • International accountancy practices
  • Pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology companies
  • IT, electronics and telecommunications companies
  • Airlines, hotels, travel and tourism companies
  • Shipping freight and distribution companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Media and communications industries
  • environmental institutions with a special interest in international global warming issues
  • Other Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) working in the global arena on climate change.
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The images below illustrate the hard copy distribution that took place at the UNFCCC COP22 Summit in Marrakech, Morocco. For further details, please click here.

gkml3 gkml2 gkml1

COP23 Summit, 6-17 November 2017, Bonn, Germany


In addition to the hard-copy distribution, via our captive network audience of 20 international airlines, the 4* & 5* hotels and on-site at the COP23 Summit.

..further distribution will be supported by our contributing organisations & selected industry partners

Post-Summit, it will also be distributed on-line, via our website & social media channels.

Previous copies of CCTNE’s publications, going back to 2010, can be found here.

For further information, please contact - Gary Nichols-Roth, Managing Editor

Mobile : +44 (0) 7940 428 757